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“”I’m sure I overact wildly. And cackling. It’s fun to cackle.” 

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“It’s weird how something so simple represents so much.”

“It’s weird how something so simple represents so much.”

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Hogwarts Houses + Anatomy

for Miranda [✰]

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  • Question: Victoire studying to become a NEWT level potions master so she could make Wolfsbane potion for Teddy every time the full moon comes so she can take care of him and stay with him through his toughest times - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    Oh my lord

    • Victoire demanding to stay with him even when the moon is at its strongest and Teddy feels like tearing at everything in reach.
    • Victoire getting a gash over her lower arm and wearing it with pride because “look how he didn’t go through with it look at my baby’s control” and Teddy feels something between ashamed and very aroused because she’s so brave.
    • Victoire and Teddy watching the moon rise in the distant forest they picked out for the month and she holds him close until he doubles over.
    • Victoire and Teddy getting married the day before a full moon and when he starts shifting and growls she just holds up her hand and sweetly says “you wouldn’t attack your wife now would you, chéri?”
    • Victoire finding a way to make the Wolfsbane potion stronger and lace it with some soothing herbs and one night Teddy just falls asleep as soon as she shifts - it’s a really breakthrough and it gets shipped to the ministry as soon as she figures out a way to not make it last three days (Teddy snores)

    I’m not crying I have a Victoire x Teddy shaped splinter in my eye

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*turns into a tree to avoid responsibilities*

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"En stirps nobilis et gens antiquissima Black."

"I see she didn’t waste any time…"
Sirius had known the cost for leaving, but he’d thought - hoped even - that he’d be long gone when his mother blasted his face from the family tree. He hadn’t been prepared for how much it would hurt him after all.
“I think you should go now”, Regulus said, avoiding his brother’s eyes.

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